The best Trudeau impression you've ever heard: Maclean's on the Hill

The final episode of your weekly briefing on all things Parliament Hill, produced in the Maclean’s Ottawa bureau

Carousel image: Maclean's on the Hill Podcast

Listen below to the final episode of Maclean’s on the Hill, hosted by Rogers Radio’s Cormac Mac Sweeney—and featuring interviews with Maclean’s staff and major players on Parliament Hill.

As Cormac signed off for the final time, he left listeners with this message:

This episode is the last of Maclean’s on the Hill. It’s been a heck of a ride since we launched this show back in 2014. We’ve covered everything from cabinet shuffles to political scandals to historic election wins, and of course each week we tried to bring you some in-depth analysis of the top political stories.

We’ve had a lot of contributors over the years, but I do want to thank our former colleague, Aaron Wherry, who helped get this idea off the ground; Paul Wells, for his intelligent insights; and of course, Maclean’s Ottawa bureau chief John Geddes, for the incredible hard work and wonderful interviews that he’s provided throughout the run of the show.

The reason why I wanted to help launch this show 176 episodes ago is that I wanted to tell much more about the stories from Parliament Hill, to get into the finer details that you don’t always get to here about in the regular daily news coverage, and as well to give you a different perspective on the issues that matter to every Canadian. The basic goal of journalism is to inform the public, and I truly hope that over the last few years, through Maclean’s on the Hill, we’ve been able to give you the facts, opinions and analysis that allow you to have a better idea of how political policies, decisions and actions impact your life.

While this show may be ending, the news watch never stops. Keep listening to News 95.7, 1310News, 57 News, 680News, 660News or News1130, or keep clicking on for all of your news needs.

But before we go, I do want to say that none of this would be possible without you, the listener. So whether you’ve been tuning in from the start, or you’re one of the many people who have joined us in the past year, I want to say from the bottom of my heart: thank you. Thank you for listening to Maclean’s on the Hill.