The carbon tax: history's greatest monster

Without amendment or correction, John Baird’s warning that a carbon tax would kill your family is now preserved for eternity in Hansard.

Mr. Speaker, what we are doing is making government more accountable, living within our means and focusing on the priorities which is what Canadians elected us to do. We are keeping taxes low. We are increasing funds to hospitals, health care and education. These are the priorities that Canadians have identified. Why should taxpayers have to pay for more than 10 reports promoting a carbon tax, something which the people of Canada have repeatedly rejected? That is a message the Liberal Party just will not accept. It should agree with Canadians. It should agree with the government to no discussion of a carbon tax that would kill and hurt Canadian families.

Families in Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Colorado, California, Maryland, South Africa, India, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland perhaps receive this warning too late.