The curious case of Etobicoke Centre -

The curious case of Etobicoke Centre


Amid all else, the result in Etobicoke Centre is being contested for a number of reasons.

 Borys Wrzesnewskyj is not alleging the kind of dirty tricks that opposition parties are accusing the Conservatives of employing to suppress the vote in other ridings. Quite the reverse; he’s alleging that too many ineligible voters were allowed to cast ballots in Etobicoke Centre, in some cases more than once.

In a statement of particulars filed Feb. 17 with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Wrzesnewskyj argues that 218 voters were improperly allowed to cast ballots in 10 different polling divisions in his riding. He alleges a variety of irregularities, including ballots cast by people who did not live in the riding and the possibility that at least some people voted multiple times.