The cuts begin -

The cuts begin


National Defence is set to eliminate more than a thousand jobs.

At this point the jobs of 1,119 employees at DND have been identified but more are expected later. The jobs being eliminated range from clerks and secretaries to food services and kitchen staff. Other jobs being cut include radiation safety personnel, weapons technicians, ammunition technicians, English language teachers, heavy truck mechanics, laboratory assistants, drivers and dental hygienists.

Civilians working for the Canadian Army are being hit hardest, with 585 of those jobs being eliminated. Other significant reductions are being made at Defence Research and Establishment Canada, the research branch which works on new technology to protect the troops in the field, as well as other positions in science and research fields. That group has identified 234 jobs to be cut.

The Citizen has mapped the cuts. The Globe says the job losses will be heaviest in Quebec.