The daily shaming -

The daily shaming


Charlie Angus’ two questions in QP this morning, neither of which convinced Tony Clement to stand and respond.

Mr. Speaker, a minister of the Crown has an obligation to treat taxpayers with respect and be accountable to Parliament. The President of the Treasury Board has failed miserably on both counts, because since the Auditor General’s report, he has been hiding under the desk of the foreign affairs minister. Since he cannot seem to stand up in this House and apologize for his out-of-control booty run through the backwoods of Muskoka, I will keep it simple: go to the Twittersphere, 140 characters or less, hashtag, I am sorry, Canada.

Mr. Speaker, there are 150-plus Conservatives sitting behind the Treasury Board minister, I am sure all of them would love to siphon taxpayers’ dollars off for their own personal pork barrel projects. That is why we have rules. That is why we have Treasury Board. What message is the government sending by putting him in charge of Treasury Board, that it is open season on the taxpayers’ trust? Otherwise, why would the Prime Minister put the Muskoka fox in charge of the taxpayers’ henhouse?