The ethics commissioner defers on Nigel Wright

'Mr. Wright is also being investigated ... to determine whether he has committed an offence under an Act of Parliament'

A statement from the ethics commissioner on her investigation of Nigel Wright.

Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson today suspended her examination under the Conflict of Interest Act of Mr. Nigel Wright’s involvement in the repayment of a Senator’s expenses.

Commissioner Dawson suspended the examination, as required by paragraph 49(1)(b) of the Act, when it was confirmed to her earlier today that Mr. Wright is also being investigated in relation to the same subject-matter to determine whether he has committed an offence under an Act of Parliament.

In accordance with subsection 49(2) of the Act, the Commissioner cannot continue the examination until any investigation or charge in respect of the same subject-matter has been finally disposed of.

With the Senate’s ethics officer having suspended her investigation of Mike Duffy, this matter now seems to be entirely in the hands of the RCMP.

Update 3:50pm. A statement from the RCMP.

The RCMP continues its investigation to determine whether a criminal act has taken place. It must be meticulous and carefully consider, and examine all information.

The RCMP would only lay charges when there is sufficient to do so. As such, we will not be commenting any further on this matter.