The farce and the press gallery

The Conservative party has issued a release in response to Thomas Mulcair’s deferring to the press gallery. Apparently Mr. Mulcair is trying to “co-opt journalists” into defending his cap-and-trade proposal.

It’s a sad fact that Mulcair thinks the media will protect his economic policies from being scrutinised, and that he will be able to get away with a carbon tax scheme that will raise the price of everything including gas, groceries and electricity.

Conservatives will not hesitate to tell the facts to Canadians about carbon taxes even if Mulcair thinks and hopes he can avoid the media scrutiny which the economic program of the Leader of the Opposition ought to attract.

At the risk of being co-opted, here, again, are the reasons why the current Conservative position is farcical. And here is Jim Prentice explicitly endorsing a price on carbon in a speech in 2009.

And here is Stephen Gordon’s guide to carbon pricing.