The farce, now literally a joke

The statement delivered this afternoon before Question Period by Conservative MP Corneliu Chisu, who originally hails from Transylvania.

Mr. Speaker, today on Halloween Canadians from coast to coast to coast are frightened by the spooky NDP and the very scary carbon tax. The $21 billion very scary carbon tax would raise the price of Halloween treats everywhere. Even Count Dracula himself is frightened by the very scary carbon tax proposed by the spooky NDP. The count himself says, “The carbon tax would result in costly candy and pumped-up pumpkin prices”.

While vampires suck blood from their victims, the NDP’s very scary carbon tax would suck money from Canadians’ pockets. Mr. Speaker, I do not want to tax your carbon, but the NDP’s Halloween trick is the terrifying tax. That is why Canadians are calling on us to put a stake through the heart of the horrendous hair-raising carbon tax. Happy Halloween.