The first six months of 2013 in 50,000 words

Theresa Spence, Mike Duffy, Nigel Wright, Justin Trudeau, Brent Rathgeber and so much more

Selected writings from the first six months fo 2013.

January 10. Shawn Atleo at the fork in the road
January 11. What now for Theresa Spence and Idle No More?
January 24. Theresa Spence exits the stage
January 26. The case against a one-time pact to bury first-past-the-post
January 29. This uncivil democracy
January 30. Stephen Harper is exultant, Peter Van Loan is confused

February 6. How do you solve a problem like Mike Duffy?
February 13. And so Stephen Harper finds himself having to defend unelected senators
February 14. How much would you pay to send Pamela Wallin to Moose Jaw?
February 21. Senators need not fear unemployment
March 5. Too soon for a movie about Jack Layton?

March 5. Stephen Harper sees partisan people
March 7. Think of the F-35 as a Senate with wings
March 10. Ezra Levant, Ron Paul, Jason Kenney and the eternal conflict of the ideological mind
March 14. Do we all owe Marc Garneau an apology?
March 17. Thomas Mulcair and Gary Freeman
March 18. Vic Toews’ real world
March 20. Stephen Harper is very sensitive
March 21. Jim Flaherty toasts his fine work
March 26. Mark Warawa challenges the soul of our parliamentary democracy
March 26. Ted Menzies challenges everyone to a reading contest

April 6. Justin Trudeau and the politics of hope
April 14. The NDP convenes with its past and its present
April 15. Of taxes, toplessness and Justin Trudeau
April 18. James Moore refuses to believe his government would increase a tax
April 23. What the Speaker’s ruling means
April 24. The silly and the hallowed

May 1. Do you know where your $3.1 billion went?
May 2. Tony Clement defers to the experts
May 6. Is it the NDP’s fault that Tony Clement can’t find the $3.1 billion?
May 7. Justin Trudeau, Monday night, Renfrew
May 9. The Real Senators of Parliament Hill
May 19. The unbelievable matter of Mike Duffy and Nigel Wright
May 21. Rest assured, Mr. Harper is very upset about all of this
May 23. What the hell happened here?
May 28. Stephen Harper pleads ignorance and claims clarity
May 29. Stephen Harper scolds his rivals and preaches disclosure
May 31. The worst month in the history of Canadian politics

June 4. Stephen Harper’s Mike Duffy problem
June 6. Brent Rathgeber and Stephen Harper’s control issues
June 12. Would any governing party tolerate an MP like Brent Rathgeber?
June 13. Who here is the least disgraceful?
June 17. In our hour of need, Justin Trudeau promises us better
June 18. Does the PMO think Justin Trudeau is already prime minister?