The frontrunner -

The frontrunner


Joanna Smith and Chris Selley profile Thomas Mulcair. The Star editorial board offers its endorsement.

… the NDP has a choice to make. Is it content to be a movement of beautiful losers, worried that a serious bid for power might sully its principles? Or is it prepared to take a chance on actually challenging the Conservatives for office in 2015 and accepting the trade-offs that may come?

When he met with the Star, Mulcair asked: “Is it possible that after 50 years of hectoring and finger-wagging and telling people what’s wrong with their decisions that we’re terrified at the prospect of being the ones who actually take the decisions?” If the NDP decides that it wants, finally, to try to be the party that actually makes decisions at the national level, it would be best advised to go with Mulcair.