The honourable member for Simcoe-Grey has a question -

The honourable member for Simcoe-Grey has a question


The last query posed in QP this afternoon.

Hon. Helena Guergis (Simcoe—Grey, Ind. Cons.): Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister told Canadians he was aware of serious criminal allegations against me and he called in the RCMP. His chief of staff, Guy Giorno, wrote a letter to the Ethics Commissioner outlining these specific allegations. The ethics office spoke with Derek Snowdy and read him the letter. He denied having said these things. Snowdy testified under oath before a committee that he provided no information about any illegal or inappropriate actions on my part and called the party lawyer to complain about this misrepresentation. If the Prime Minister is so confident that the party lawyer outlined these allegations to me, will he table this letter in the House?

Hon. John Baird (Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the government has forwarded the serious allegations to the relevant independent authorities and to the member. We will let those independent authorities do their work.