The infomercial era -

The infomercial era


The Prime Minister’s Office is tonight combatting allegations made by unnamed leaders of tomorrow that questions posed during a forum on Parliament Hill today—hosted by Senator Mike Duffy—were prescreened. If any questions were skipped, it’s perhaps only so there’d be sufficient time for Mr. Duffy to get in queries such as the following.

Finally, Prime Minister, we’re looking forward to the G8, G20, Toronto and Muskoka. I can’t help but sort of cast my mind back to those snowy days—well, not much snow some days—of the Olympics in British Columbia and what a tremendous show that was and what a great show of national unity and the pride of Canadians from coast to coast to coast.  So it’s not quite as sexy as Olympic sport, but in a way, in a way it’s even more important, this conference, these two conferences that are coming up because it really is all about the future.

Not to mention follow ups such as what Mr. Duffy offered after Mr. Harper had navigated that provocation.

A little hard to get that same kind of enthusiasm over the final wording of the communique but I’m sure you’re working hard on that.