The iPod tax: The finance department responds

More on the portable music player tariff crisis

Yesterday evening, after CP reported that Sony was concerned about the tariff requirements on iPods, I emailed the Finance Minister’s office to ask if there was any response.

Tonight, the Finance Department sends along the following response.

“iPods and other MP3 players have come into Canada duty free in the past under 9948.  iPods and other MP3 players continue to be eligible to come into Canada duty free under 9948 in the future.”

Both CP and Mike Moffatt have reported that sellers must obtain a certificate from the final consumer to qualify for the exemption under 9948. I’ve asked the Finance Department to confirm that and will post the response as soon it is received.

Meanwhile, Moffatt reported earlier tonight that Sony has already paid this iPod tax.

I have just learned that Sony has already paid an iPod tax on a number of their Walkman MP3 products including their Sony 2GB Wearable MP3 Player (NWZW262B).  These items entered the country under 9948.00.00, but were re-assesed after the fact, as Sony could not produce end use certificates.