The littlest Green

Some Greens have been jumping aboard May’s campaign train, and riding with her for a portion of the trip. Robert Judge rode from Biggar to Saskatoon (where he met his sleepy son) in support of May and high-speed rail “which,” he says, “is sorely lacking in this country.”

“Every time I hear Jack Layton say he’s ready to take the keys to 24 Sussex, I think: How can he say that with a straight face?,” said May, in Saskatoon. “C’mon Jack! Let’s face it: Neither one of us is going to be prime minister. We have a role as Greens: to put forward ideas.

“We’re taking the train, yes, to have a lower carbon tour. This is also a call for modernization. This is a call for Canada to move into the future with the new low-carbon technologies that make sense for Canadians—including Canadian-made, fast trains.”

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