The meaning of honour

Glen Pearson considers what it is to be honourable.

All of us as MPs, ministers, or even prime ministers, are called upon to be honourable. It’s a more important trait than being smart, gifted or even eloquent because it is the “honourable” aspect of our representative task that makes the flourishing of ideas and compromise possible – it keeps us accountable. It is behaving, not as though the cameras are filming, but as though your children were in the gallery, wanting to be as proud of you as they possibly could. It would mean acting as though your parents, your God, your family and your friends, and your peers opposite, were all watching you, desiring that you show the kind of grace they believe you to possess. But even more importantly, it would mean you were honouring the good folks that put you in such a lofty place.

Bruce Anderson considers recent events from a political perspective.

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