The NDP and Nexen

Barring further information, the NDP is apparently compelled to oppose the CNOOC takeover of Nexen. Here was Thomas Mulcair’s assessment on Tuesday.

What we’ve been saying from the start is that we should have public consultations.  That’s our position.  That’s allowed under the Act and we should consult with Canadians.  This is fundamental. This is about whether or not Canadians are going to control their own natural resources. The government says it’s going to have new criteria for looking at investments from other countries.  They added a couple of things today.  They’re starting to talk about security issues.  They’re starting to talk about control over our natural resources when it’s a takeover by a foreign government through a state-owned enterprise of a foreign government.  So we think that those things should have been on the table since the beginning.  They’ve been talking for years about updating those criteria. They’ve never done it.  So that’s the conversation we want to have with Canadians.  We think that those are valid issues. 

If you listened to Don Davies’ question today, he went a little bit further with regard to the fact that there’s protection for Chinese investing in Canada but there’s not reciprocity. Canadian investors would never be allowed to buy the raw natural resources of China.  So there’s something terribly wrong with a government that keeps signing these deals where we pass for chumps, where they get something that we don’t get. 

Stephen Gordon considers Pat Martin’s suggestion of “economic treason.”