The NDP war room, feeling their oats

From the Inkless emailbox, two salvos aimed at the NDP’s principal opponents. A reminder — the rest of this post comes verbatim from the NDP, not from me:

REALITY CHECK: Stephen Harper is the new Paul Martin. Harper is playing the same partisan games with Quebec he used to denounce

Stephen Harper in 2005:

“The Liberals and the Bloc are playing the usual games, obsessed about fighting a referendum we’re not having, a referendum that nobody wants.” – National Post, December 9, 2005

Stephen Harper yesterday:

“…what Mr. Duceppe has said coming out of that PQ convention [Sunday] — he has said that they are moving towards, they are walking towards, his objective — the sovereignty of Quebec and another Quebec referendum…that is another reason why Canadians, we believe, must choose a strong, stable, national Conservative majority.” –, April 17, 2011

Stephen Harper is playing the same partisan games the Liberals used to. Real Leadership means getting results for Canadian families.


REALITY CHECK: When will the Liberal Party take down André Forbes’ Liberal signs?

 After the public learned that the Liberal Party was running a candidate who had founded a white rights organization, Michael Ignatieff insisted Forbes would not be on the ballot. But the Liberals were unable to remove a candidate they had already approved and registered.

When Forbes was asked what he would do about the Liberal signs still up in his riding, Forbes had the following to say : “I’m not touching them, I could be accused of touching signs from a party I can no longer represent… They’ll have to send someone from Ottawa to take them down!” (Le Soleil, April 12, 2011)

To recap :

593—the number of days that have passes since André Forbes was nominated as Liberal Candidate in Manicouagan

0.09—the number of seconds it takes to perform a Google search of “André Forbes”

9—the number of days that have passed since Michael Ignatieff attempted to wipe his hands of Forbes

5—the number of days since André Forbes issued a challenge to the Liberal party to take down the red Liberal elections signs—because he won’t.

7—the amount of official Liberal party signs clearly visible in a picture taken of Forbes’ campaign headquarters.

???—the amount of time it will take for the Liberal party to take action on their own campaign materials being used to support this candidate.

If Michael Ignatieff really believes that Mr. Forbes does not represent the Liberal Party when will he take down his signs?

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