The newly elected member for Saanich-Gulf Islands

Kady O’Malley explains all of the things Elizabeth May won’t be able to do as an independent MP.

As an Independent, May will not be able to avail herself of the additional financial resources provided to officially recognized parties, which are allocated by formula depending on caucus size, and include a salary boost for the leader, as well as extra funding for staff, research, hospitality and travel. She will not automatically be allocated time during debate, nor will she have the right to respond to ministerial and other statements. She certainly won’t be guaranteed a regular speaking slot during the opening round of QP … May also won’t be able to count on clocking in time at committee unless one of the other parties is feeling particularly generous when Procedure and House Affairs meets to draw up the membership lists. As an Independent, she won’t be given a seat at the table unless another party is willing to give up one of their slots. 

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