The paper chase -

The paper chase

The latest twists in the tale of a Senate in crisis


The RCMP has asked the Senate for documents related to the expenses of Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau. Justin Trudeau has formally requested, through the House, documents from the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the payment of Nigel Wright to Mr. Duffy. The CBC has obtained correspondence between Mr. Duffy and Conservative Senator David Tkachuk and the CBC delves further into Mr. Duffy’s expense claims during the last election.

Meanwhile, Postmedia talks to Mr. Tkachuk and fellow senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen.

Tkachuk, chairman of the Senate’s internal economy committee, told Postmedia News Harper’s office got in touch with him asking about the audit process — and wondering when the final report from auditors would be made public. “This was a political problem that was becoming worse because it was spinning out of control,” Tkachuk said from his home in Saskatchewan where he is recovering from surgery. “They never asked me to do anything wrong,” he said. Later, he clarified this, saying, “I was never directed to do anything.”

My interview with Senator Tkachuk is here.