The PM meets with NYC business leaders, and YOU ARE THERE

Thanks to the exhaustive emails sent by the PMO, here’s a blow-by-blow account of the Prime Minister’s lunch with business types in New York City. And I quote:

The PM met with a distinguished group of business leaders, primarily from the financial sector.  Among the topics covered were the Canadian and American responses to the economic crisis in terms of fiscal stimulus, stabilising the financial system, and real estate markets.  They discussed approaches to international financial regulation in view of the upcoming G-20 meetings, the relative strength or Canada’s financial and regulatory system, but also areas where reform is still needed, such as implementing a pan Canadian common securities regulator.

“The PM discussed his recent meetings with President Obama and the constructive relationship that they are establishing.  They discussed the need for all countries to avoid protectionist measures.”

From an earlier email, here’s who was at the lunch:

Gerald Corrigan, Director, Goldman Sachs
Jay Cross, President,
Related Hudson Yards
Ken Ottenbreit, Managing Principal, Stikeman Elliott New York Office
Jerry Del Missier, President, Barclays Capital
Mark Standish, President, RBC Capital Markets
Marie-Josée Kravis, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
Thomas Glocer, Chairman and CEO, Thomson Reuters
Rich Bagger, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Public Affairs and Policy, Pfizer