'The process is a serious one'

From yesterday’s scrums after QP, here is Liberal defence critic Dominic LeBlanc’s response to the NDP’s impatience.

My understanding is that the process is going quite well. Mr. Dion and others don’t identify any disruptions in the process. The NDP were not serious from the beginning in finding a way to make a process work. They sabotaged the discussions and walked out prematurely as they had always planned to do. So this is as predictable as their publicity stunt around the discussions with the government. I think it is a little disingenuous to pretend that former Supreme Court justices and senior judges would somehow be involved in a sham process and as a front for some government obstruction. My understand is that the process is a serious one and is proceeding well and I’m quite confident that we will see some documents released very soon.

Separately, Gilles Duceppe said there would be documents made public in January.

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