The Queen sends her regards

Buckingham Palace won’t be getting involved in the matter of Theresa Spence’s hunger strike.

In a letter dated Jan. 7, obtained by The Canadian Press, Buckingham Palace tells a supporter of Spence that the chief should deal instead with the federal cabinet. “This is not a matter in which The Queen would intervene,” says the letter. “As a constitutional Sovereign, Her Majesty acts through her personal representative, the Governor General, on the advice of her Canadian Ministers and, therefore, it is to them that your appeal should be directed.”

The letter also says the Queen understands the concerns about the welfare of Spence, who is now well into her sixth week of protest, surviving on fish broth and tea. “Her Majesty has taken careful note of the concern you express for the welfare of Attawapiskat First Nations Chief Theresa Spence who is currently on a politically motivated hunger strike in Canada.”

Here again is Emmett Macfarlane’s take on the request that the Governor General be involved. And here is the unofficial explanation from the government as to why the Governor General wasn’t present at the meeting between the Prime Minister and First Nations leaders.