The scrums: Senate transparency, EI fraud -

The scrums: Senate transparency, EI fraud

Check out what MPs said in the House foyer after Question Period


Two highlights from this afternoon’s post-Question Period scrums:

1. NDP MP Charlie Angus on Senate transparency: I think the Senate needs to come clean with Canadians.  They are not aristocracy. They are paid for by the Canadians and they have failed and the Conservative and Liberal Senators have failed to be accountable to Canadians.  At this point, given the extent of this scandal, we need to see them come forward and, and they are refusing to do that.

2. Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae on EI fraud: The simple fact of the matter is that in any government program you’re going to get people applying who think they might be eligible and who it turns out are not eligible and there are some people of course who decide not to follow the rules. Those people should be caught.

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