The story so far

Taking a couple days off now, before Parliament resumes next week. Good a time as any to take stock and thank you for your continued readership, with a special nod to National Newswatch and various blogs that periodically find this place worthy of praise, ridicule of at least notice.

The winter was alternately dispiriting, dizzying and mesmerizing. Hopefully the spring will be similar. Minus perhaps the profound democratic crisis (which so many here seem to have forgotten already) and crushing economic woe (which is so far persistent, no matter how hard people here try to hide from it).

Below a collection of the 40 sketches that so far make up coverage here of our 40th Parliament.

Nov. 13 Iggy comes in, again
Nov. 19 Far from here
Nov. 21 Seriously, Mr. Flaherty needs your help
Nov. 24 What we need right now is an economist
Nov. 25 Everyone’s fault, but Jim’s
Nov. 26 Our government’s weight problem
Nov. 27 Gaming the system
Nov. 28 ‘Sir, did you make a mistake?’

Dec. 1 ‘Unbelievable’
Dec. 2 And then it got worse
Dec. 3 ‘How do we repair the irreperable?’
Dec. 4 A cold and miserable day
Dec. 10 ‘I hope I make myself clear’

Jan. 20 How it looked from here
Jan. 26 The mild voice of consensus
Jan. 27 ‘Our government shares that regret’
Jan. 28 Behold, the majesty of ways and means
Jan. 29 ‘It gets to the point of being tragic’

Feb. 2 ‘The problem is not with me’
Feb. 4 Michael Ignatieff and the herd
Feb. 5 Stephen Harper requests your patience
Feb. 9 Abbott & Costello fix the economy
Feb. 10 A rhetorical downturn
Feb. 11 The weight
Feb. 12 ‘This is a joke’
Feb. 19 He was here
Feb. 23 Back to our regularly scheduled doom
Feb. 24 Why they don’t call it answer period
Feb. 25 Iggy and the farmers
Feb. 26 Starring Charlie Angus

Mar. 2 Words, they just get in the way
Mar. 3 What shall we call this crisis of ours?
Mar. 4 Afghanistan, now with pictures
Mar. 5 Yell louder
Mar. 9 The $3-billion question
Mar. 10 Inconvenienced by reality
Mar. 11 Shadowboxing the ghosts
Mar. 12 ‘I am unclear as to why this is amusing’
Mar. 13 General Canada
Mar. 16 The baby face of Canadian conservatism

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