The thick of it

Stuck in the middle of a dispute over the cost of the Libya mission, defence officials apparently started work on a screenplay for a satirical comedy about the inner workings of government communications.

“Unfortunately, the MND (minister of national defence) is now saying he did NOT know the cost estimates ($106M) when he did the CBC interview in October,” reads an email from senior public affairs adviser Lt.-Col. Norbert Cyr to Vance on May 15.

“This is not good because media are now asking who is saying the truth, the Minister or General Vance?”

“Wonderful,” Vance replied, adding: “Do we have an opinion on what MND knew or ought to have known?”

Cyr said finance officials were working to confirm what MacKay knew, but “bottom line is that if MND says he did not know, then he did not know.”

“If I was wrong I’ll certainly own up to it,” Vance replied.

“Not suggesting you are or were wrong,” Cyr answered in the last email of the chain. “A political truth can sometimes be different.”

No word as yet on whether any of the networks have expressed interest in the pilot.