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‘This concludes the work of the ad hoc committee’


The official release from Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird on the tabling of documents related to the transfer of detainees in Afghanistan. In speaking with reporters as well he left the distinct impression that the government is not interested in reinstating the review process.

“The documents tabled today show what our government has been telling Canadians all along,” said Minister Baird. “Canada is committed to upholding our international obligations, including the handling and transfer of Taliban prisoners in full accordance with our international obligations.”

All of the documents that were prioritized by the ad hoc committee of parliamentarians and sent to the Panel of Arbiters for decisions on redactions have now been released … After 12 months and over $12 million, no credible allegations against Canadian Armed Forces members or Canadian officials were found. The vast majority of redactions were left intact by the Panel of Arbiters. This concludes the process.