This is an outrage! Right?

From Sun Media, one in what I can assure you will be an endless series of stories about people spending your! tax! dollars! on lavish things you didn’t get!!!

How much more appropriate it would have been for the Prime Minister and Governor General to welcome the governor of California, the vice-president of the United States, the federal opposition leader, eight cabinet ministers and officials from a half-dozen other countries with a big steaming communal bowl of Red River cereal and 40 spoons. Or… or… or donuts or something. It was good enough for your parents! Wasn’t it? Huh?!?!

It’s fun to see this sort of thing scorch the PM, because 15 years ago when the Reform party was all about turning Stornaway into a bingo hall, one of the guys who was sure this was an excellent line of argument was Stephen Harper. I’d say turnabout is fair play, but one of the words in that saying is three syllables long and I hate to come off as an elitist snob. All I’ll say is that like you, I can’t get enough of these how-much-did-it-cost stories, and I’m so glad we’ll soon have a 24-hour cable-TV outlet for many, many more like this one.

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