This is the week that was

Brian Topp won the endorsement of Charmaine Borg. Paul Dewar sided with Robin Hood, swore off sales taxes and set his sights on pushing your buttons. Nathan Cullen broadened his horizon. And Romeo Saganash considered secession.

The Prime Minister brushed aside concerns about the manner of Moammar Gadhafi’s death. Another death in Afghanistan raised questions about risk. John Baird promised to hold Libya’s new government to account. Daryl Kramp took on date confusion. Mathieu Ravignat took on floor crossing. Vic Toews took on defence lawyers (however much he may have needed one in the past). Quebec and Ontario took a stand on crime. The Harper government took a stand against UNESCO. The New Democrats and Conservatives questioned each other’s math, while the Conservatives voted together to defeat an NDP motion on asbestos.

The privacy commissioner questioned the government’s push for “lawful access.” Dean Del Mastro questioned Justin Trudeau’s faith. Elizabeth May questioned the government’s approach to parliamentary demoncracy. The Liberals staged a walk out. Conservatives blocked the Bloc Quebecois and Elizabeth May from support the troops (twice). Two New Democrats were rebuked for ignoring their whip. Concerns were raised about the future state of our prisons.

Matthew Mendelsohn and Sujit Choudhry considered where the new ridings should be. Bob Rae wrote about mental illness. Colin Horgan watched Question Period. And Scott Clark and Peter DeVries offered Jim Flaherty some free advice.

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