This is the week that was

Peggy Nash rallied in London. Brian Topp vowed to take on the Conservatives. The leading campaigns exchanged endorsements. Paul Dewar challenged Thomas Mulcair on bulk water exports and released his own strategy. Mr. Mulcair promised equality. Libby Davies made the case for Mr. Topp, who promised support for families and thought of Norway. Niki Ashton proposed a new CIDA. Six of eight candidates considered marijuana. Ms. Nash promised early childhood education. Mr. Dewar won two caucus endorsements, Mr. Mulcair picked up one. And Mr. Mulcair tried comedy.

Newt Gingrich shouted out the Prime Minister. Barack Obama sounded like Jack Layton. The NDP questioned Tony Clement. John Baird championed gay rights. The Ontario government costed the Harper government’s crime policies. Amid some consternation, the Prime Minister and Shawn Atleo spoke hopefully. The Prime Minister stuck around and all sides promised action.

Ryan Cleary questioned the seal hunt. Colin Kenny defended the Senate. Peter Goldring defended himself. Bev Oda defended CIDA. Nycole Turmel vowed to fight. Mike Wallace suggested MPs might be empowered. Canadians were split on abortion. Mr. Harper mused of major transformation, the ramifications of which is unclear. And Peter MacKay tried to explain his helicopter ride.

Roland Paris worried about Mr. Harper’s rhetoric on Iran. Eric Grenier considered the hole the Liberals have dug. Alice Funke took stock of the NDP leadership race. And Kevin Milligan considered potential changes to Old Age Security.

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