This is the week that was -

This is the week that was


Thomas Mulcair said the NDP had to renew itself. Jack Layton’s mother endorsed Brian Topp. Jack Layton’s mentor endorsed Mr. Mulcair. Paul Dewar’s campaign said their candidate was well-positioned to win. The Mulcair and Topp campaigns found similarly for their candidates. Greg Fingas called it too close to call. Mr. Topp and Mr. Dewar exchanged pleasantries. Peggy Nash tried to clarify her stance on user fees. Mr. Topp had precedents. Mr. Topp and Ms. Nash promised emissions reductions. And more MPs chose sides.

Vic Toews attacked. Vic Toews tabled. Vic Toews parsed. Vic Toews denied. Vic Toews retreated. The Internet mocked. The Prime Minister foretold. The government accused. The Internet was unforgiving. And Vic Toews seemed unclear.

Kevin Page challenged the Finance Minister. Larry offered another pseudo apology for that Hitler analogy. Justin Trudeau said something silly,but entertainingly refused to apologize. Glenn Thibeault parodied Mr. Trudeau. Bob Rae quizzed Julian Fantino. Tom Lukiwski was camera shy. Megan Leslie poked fun at the Prime Minister’s pandas. Kennedy Stewart tried to improve democracy. Peter MacKay joked. And Jonathan Genest-Jourdain showed a sense of humour.

Craig Forcese considered CSIS and torture. An Ontario judge refused to follow the Harper government’s advice. The Ontario privacy commissioner condemned the Harper government’s appeal for access. A Conservative backbencher was similarly concerned. The legislation was scrutinized. The House voted to end the long-gun registry. And the Conservatives sloganeered.