This is the week that was -

This is the week that was


The NDP candidates debated in Vancouver. Amid questions about his intentions, Thomas Mulcair ruled out a coalition and promised a “strong opposition.” Gabriela Perdomo talked to Martin Singh, who endorsed Mr. Mulcair as his second choice. The candidates took to YouTube. Paul Dewar wrote to his fellow MPs, who continued to pick sides. And Ed Broadbent spoke out against Mr. Mulcair, who was endorsed by the Star.

It seemed we might learn the identity of Pierre Poutine, but the hunt continued. The innocent robocall needed defending. The House voted unanimously to give the chief electoral officer greater powers. Statistical rigour was applied. The Liberals aimed for full disclosure. The CBC detected a pattern. And suspicious calls went around the province.

Stephane Dion scorned the NDP. Lisa Raitt tabled another back-to-work bill. The parameters of Question Period were questioned. The Harper government was “forthright” about the F-35 and thus contradicted itself. And the Agenda considered the race in Toronto-Danforth.

And this week had one sketch.