This is the week that was -

This is the week that was


Peter MacKay tried to explain that $25 billion, but the timeline for the F-35 remained a bigger question. The Defence Minister’s explanations were questioned and reviewed and his math was checked. While the Auditor General said the defence department lacked proper documentation, Mr. MacKay assured that supporting documentation existed. Laurie Hawn complained. Gerry Byrne worried. Marc Garneau questioned the government’s wider plans. We recalled the House’s demand for lifecycle costs, how the purchase was defended and how the Liberals proposed a reset. Colin Horgan figures we might end up buying Super Hornets.

A Conservative in Guelph complained of misleading calls. Fidel Castro had something to say about shirts. The NDP introduced Thomas Mulcair. Health care saw cuts. Martin Luther King Jr. was invoked. Canadians considered taxation. James Moore talked to Strombo. Jim Flaherty championed the Westminster system. Bryan Adams had bad memories of 24 Sussex. Tony Clement announced an action plan for open government which was openly questioned. Bob Rae sought clemency for Ronald Allen Smith. And man’s best friend was laid off.

Scott Clark and Peter DeVries challenged Jim Flaherty’s budget. We looked back on the complaints of 1938. Irwin Cotler called for the Charter to receive its due. And John McCallum proposed parliamentary reform.