This is the week that was -

This is the week that was


Kevin Page questioned the government’s F-35 accounting. Peter MacKay conceded that the cabinet knew of the bigger number. National Defence claimed to be working on a 36-year projection, even if the Auditor General said the department already had the numbers. Philippe Lagasse had questions. The PBO called out DND. Interoperability was dismissed.

The budget bill behemoth was explored and debated. Stephen Harper’s previous complaints were recalled. The government tried to invoke the Liberal standard. We tallied the page counts. Marc Garneau taunted the government backbench.

We continued to tally the budget cuts. The NDP called on the Speaker to assert civility and Britain provided an interesting example. The case of Gary Freeman was raised. The first anniversary of the last election was noted. Michael Ignatieff reflected. The Donner Prize was awarded to a friend of the show. The government’s limo tab was tabulated.

Marc Garneau lost his toy shuttles. Jonathan Tremblay offered to make it up to him. Bruce Hyer laid out his demands. Bob Rae demanded the truth. Elizabeth May knew the rules. Jim Flaherty lectured Europe. Michael Ignatieff reflected. Peter Kent tried to make a money laundering joke.

We thought about the power and purpose of the MP. And talked to Nathan Cullen.