This is the week that was

The opposition and the government stated their cases as C-38 passed second reading. The NDP responded. Diane Finley wanted to get the budget bill passed before she explained its EI provisions. The CFIB encouraged the government to be more forthcoming. The president of the Canadian Medical Association expressed concerns. The Parliamentary Budget Officer again reported Old Age Security to be sustainable. We considered the political ramifications of the budget bill. And three weeks after the opposition first demanded an answer, the government finally explained how much will be saved by changing OAS.

Pat Martin conceded Parliament’s weakness. John McCallum and Tony Clement exchanged procedural tweets. Jim Flaherty heard things from the media and philosophized about the nature of employment. John Baird warned that a carbon tax would kill your family. Peter Kent threw Mr. Baird under the bus and doubled down on money laundering. LaVar Payne demonstrated his wit. Keith Ashfield needed to be reminded of what he didn’t know. James Moore and Dean Del Mastro took issue with the birds and the bees. And Speaker Scheer explained the finer points of criticizing another MP.

NATO asked Canada to stay in Afghanistan. The Harper government took its latest position on carbon pricing. The president of the National Roundtable rebutted Mr. Baird’s accusations. The Dutch Disease debate got messy. Last year’s result in Etobicoke Centre was declared null and void. And Ethical Oil went after Thomas Mulcair.