This is the week that was

David Wilks was sort of maybe willing to vote against the budget bill. But he told his constituents that one MP wasn’t going to make a difference. So he pledged to support the budget. Even if he still had complaints. Dan Arnold considered Mr. Wilks’ options. Sonya Bell reviewed the lessons and we pondered the meaning of it all. The Young Stephen Harper called for more free votes.

Stephen Harper promised another end to the mission in Afghanistan. Thomas Mulcair dug in for a resource debate. Vic Toews quoted an imaginary New Democrat. Keith Ashfield, Bernard Valcourt and Jason Kenney tried to explain the government’s EI reforms before Diane Finley finally smiled her way through the details. Rona Ambrose likened the new EI to an online dating service. Elizabeth May recalled her own experience. Lisa Raitt threatened back-to-work legislation for CP Rail. Tony Clement proved to be a trendsetter. John Baird spoke of religious freedom. And Thomas Mulcair made plans to visit Fort McMurray.

There was unanimous agreement that polluters should pay. The Harper government spent $12 million on frozen pizza. The Council of Canadians figured the Conservatives were going easy on them. And another part of the budget bill was contested.

We waited for the Defence Department to answer our questions, compiled Mr. Mulcair’s reading list and tallied the quiet cuts. Alice Funke looked at Etobicoke Centre. The Agenda considered austerity. And Michael Ignatieff considered political standing.