This is the week that was

Elizabeth May took a stand against the budget implementation act. The Conservatives, Liberals and New Democrats responded. We explained the budget bill, recalled the Reform party’s fight against the Nisa’ga Treaty and talked to Ms. May. C-38 was subject to protest. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities called for the bill to split. Ms. May promised amendments. The Liberals and New Democrats proposed deletions. The government worried about possible doom. The NDP conveyed what it heard. And now we wait for what’s next.

Pat Martin called for Canada to cut its ties to monarchy. Julian Fantino invoked mandatory minimums to explain the Eaton Centre shooting. Matthew Kellway displayed some dry wit. Peter MacKay’s office wanted a stronger defence. Stephen Harper worried about Europe and promised to eliminate funding for anything contrary to government policy. The Prime Minister’s Office targeted Stephen Woodworth’s motion. John Baird fought an fight against the United Nations. Dominic LeBlanc heckled and inspired Bob Rae. Bob Mills challenged the Prime Minister. And Olivia Chow said thanks.

This happened. The Dutch Disease debate continued. A new debate about Europe emerged. Conservative justice policy was questioned. The House voted on science, human rights, wine, cyberbulling and taxing the governor general. The Liberal party stayed true to its traditions. We wondered what happened to QP reform and talked about the Liberal leadership.