This is the week that was

We dug through the Canadian Election Study’s 2011 surveys to consider the party leaders, the NDPour feelings about our democracy, the Conservatives’ fight with ParliamentJim Flaherty’s relative anonymityour relationship with politics and our political engagement (while Britain’s democracy was found to be in crisis).

Bev Oda called it quits, leaving consternation in her wake. The Campaign Life Coalition cheered her exit. And Julian Fantino took her place.

Jason Kenney maybe changed his mind. Or maybe he just clarified himself. Either way, he was opposed by doctors, nurses, rabbis and a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Dean Del Mastro pleaded innocence, was sought after by the opposition and decided to talk to Elections Canada. In a chat with Calgary talk radio, the Prime Minister predicted that he would not prorogue. Brent Rathgeber lamented for his lack of a limo and opposed the death penalty. Peter MacKay was declared resilient. Foreign strippers were banned. And Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, Bob Rae and a few dozen other MPs wished you a happy Canada Day.

We considered attack ads and continued to tally the budget cuts. And Greg Fingas saw a fight about policy.