This is the week that was -

This is the week that was

Aaron Wherry on seven days on the Hill


A shooting in Scarborough was cause for reflection and reaction. Rob Ford wanted to talk to Prime Minister and suggested a solution had something to do with immigration law. Jason Kenney agreed. But Mr. Ford didn’t mean what Mr. Kenney thought he meant. But Mr. Kenney was compelled to explain that what Mr. Ford actually meant wasn’t actually possible. But opposition MPs were unimpressed with Mr. Kenney’s original agreement anyway.

We talked to one of the doctors behind the protests over cuts to refugee health care. Mr. Kenney’s office responded. A student interrupted the Immigration Minister. Mr. Kenney stated his case to the Edmonton Journal. And doctors confronted Leona Aglukkaq.

Christian Paradis helped his constituents. Ralph Goodale wondered why there was money for the Norman Bethune memorial, but not the Motherwell Homestead. Conservative MPs Bev Shipley, Larry Miller, Gary Schellenberger and Patricia Davidson supported a moratorium on wind turbines. Jason Kenney tweeted help wanted ads. Peter MacKay struggled with history. Elizabeth May proposed that the NDP and Green party stand down in Etobicoke Centre. Julian Fantino objected to questions about this country’s accomplishments in Afghanistan. Omar Khadr was kept waiting and Vic Toews found another reason to wait. And in response to a suggestion that Mr. Khadr might wait another seven years, Kyle Seeback was thankful. Tony Clement was cleared to continue appearing in commercials. Helena Guergis took the Prime Minister to court. Bob Rae’s popularity rose in the wake of his promise to step back. Olivia Chow ruled out a run for mayor. Peter Penashue questioned the use of a search-and-rescue helicopter for a fishing trip. And Thomas Mulcair spoke in Victoria.

Parliament’s ability to fulfill its primary duty was questioned. The future of Senate was projected. The race for Calgary Centre took shape. The Conservatives once again shamed the opposition for proposing to do what the Conservatives once promised to do. Another defence procurement went awry. The Northern Gateway divided even Conservatives. No Labels proposed a QP for the President. James Sheptycki wondered if we really understood why crime happens. And Adam Goldenberg dismissed Ms. May’s idea.

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