This is the week that was

Jack Layton stepped away. Nycole Turmel stepped in. Anonymous New Democrats grumbled. Chris Selley watched Mr. Layton’s announcement. Colin Horgan and the Canadian Press wondered how much we needed to know. Andre Picard demanded to know more. Chris Selley disagreed.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs declared a stalemate in Libya. John Baird redecorated the Foreign Affairs department. The Privy Council Office silenced a salmon researcher. Elizabeth May worried about wi-fi. Jason Kenney championed his most-wanted list. And Stephen Harper pulled in record ratings.

Charles P. Pierce considered rhetoric and violence. Christopher Moore reviewed Lafontaine and Baldwin. Peter Devries counselled Jim Flaherty. Daryl Copeland worried about the nation’s infrastructure. Brian Dunning chided Elizabeth May. Michael Valpy considered Michael Ignatieff. And John Pepall, Fareed Zakaria and Bob Rae considered the meaning of the American debt crisis.