This is the week that was -

This is the week that was


We explained everything you needed to know about the Conservatives’ carbon tax farce. Thomas Mulcair accused Conservative MPs of lying. Greg Fingas considered how the NDP should respond. The Ottawa Citizen wondered how stupid Conservatives thought Canadians to be. Thomas Mulcair hoped the media would report the truth. The Conservatives were outraged. Elizabeth May and Stephane Dion lamented. Dan Gardner invoked Monty Python. Clare Demerse explained the problem with the Harper government’s approach. And the farce was particularly strong in the Conservatives who ran for office in 2008.

The fall sitting began with talk of a new omnibus budget bill. The Harper government referred its Senate reforms to the Supreme Court and Stephane Dion chided the Conservatives. Conservative MPs dealt with budget cuts. China divided the cabinet. Joe Comartin was named deputy speaker and promptly laid the smack down. And the Harper government appealed a Quebec court’s decision on gun registry data, while an Ontario judge struck down another of the Conservatives’ changes to the justice system.

Thomas Mulcair rallied the New Democrats and chastised the Conservatives. Stephen Woodworth had postcards and petitions on his side as Motion 312 received its second hour of debate. The New Democrats called on the Prime Minister to meet with the premiers. The Liberals tried to compare Mr. Harper to Mitt Romney. The NDP’s concern about the trade deficit was actually a concern about the account deficit, which was maybe not worth being concerned about. The Conservatives refused to table a separate bill to change MP pensions. Kevin Page restated his concerns about the government’s budget cuts. And Stephen Harper honoured Peter Lougheed.

And this week had four sketches.

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