This is the week that was -

This is the week that was

The last seven days in 22 links


Martha Hall Findlay swung hard and missed, but remained critical of Justin Trudeau and worried that too much attention was being paid to the middle class. Alice Funke wondered why some people were still running to be Liberal leader. David Suzuki endorsed Joyce Murray. Marc Garneau continued to disagree with Mr. Trudeau. And Mr. Trudeau considered Ottawa’s relevance.

Political science professors in Saskatchewan defended the province’s proposed new ridings. Glen McGregor looked at MP attendance. Stephen Gordon considered the minimum wage. Pierre Poilievre showcased his thoughtful side. Thomas Mulcair spoke to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and remained critical of the Northern Gateway pipeline. The Prime Minister introduced the new ambassador for religious freedom. Fifteen Conservatives were targeted in the fight against C-279. The mystery of the Navigable Waters Protection Act took another twist. The New Democrats sent their demands to Jim Flaherty. Pat Martin saluted Kevin Page. Bernard Valcourt became the new aboriginal affairs minister. Andrew Cash’s interest in the CBC was questioned. China proposed a carbon tax. And Mike Duffy decided he didn’t want to be a distraction.