This is the week that was

The last seven days in 39 links

After leaks and hints, the budget was tabled and the investigation of its contents began. Stephen Gordon consider tax loopholes, the Canada Job Grant, the Conservative agenda and the deficit. Paul Wells noted the budget’s change in direction. John Geddes looked at the contradictions, considered the impact on the National Capital Commission and listened to the responses of Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau. Nick Taylor-Vaisey listened to the Finance Minister and gathered reaction. Scott Armstrong declared that a vote against the budget was a vote against veterans.

Thomas Mulcair met with Gary Freeman. The Conservatives claimed to be outraged. Government communications came to include reality TV. Cuts caused concern at Environment Canada. The Parliamentary Budget Officer sat for an exit interview as the Kevin Page Era ended. Alison Redford kind of endorsed a carbon tax. Peter Penashue began his re-election campaign early and the Greens stood down. The PBO tallied the cost of crime policy. Peter Van Loan objected to name-calling. Jim Flaherty played mortgage broker. C-279 came to a vote and was passed by the House. Ted Hsu endorsed Joyce Murray. The Harper government briefly renamed the country. Mark Warawa’s motion on sex-selective abortion was ruled out of order.

John Geddes questioned the plans for an 1812 memorial. And this week has four sketches.