This is your politics on drugs

The Conservatives see an opportunity to make some money

An email sent out by the Conservative party this afternoon under the subject line, “Leadership.”

While the Harper government is focused on the economy, Justin Trudeau has announced one of his very first policy positions as leader of the Liberal Party – he wants to legalise marijuana in Canada.

The fact that drug legalisation is one of Justin Trudeau’s top policy priorities shows that he does not have the judgement to be Prime Minister.

These drugs are illegal because of the harmful effect they have on users and on society. Our government has no interest in seeing marijuana legalized or made more easily available to youth.

Real leadership focuses on the things that matter to you – lower taxes, a stronger economy, and safer communities.

Thanks to the strong leadership of Stephen Harper, more than one million net new jobs have been created since the recession.

Justin Trudeau’s reckless ideas are not the kind of leadership our country needs.

Support strong leadership – and stand up against Justin Trudeau’s plan to bring more illegal drugs into our communities.

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Dan Hilton
Executive Director
Conservative Party of Canada

The suggestion that legalizing marijuana is one of Mr. Trudeau’s top policy priorities is probably debatable—it gets a brief reference at the bottom of this page on what the Liberal party “stands for,” but it doesn’t seem to have merited mention under the the “public statements” section of—but here is probably the gist of what the Conservatives are prepared to say about this. Stephen Harper wants to protect your children. Justin Trudeau wants to “bring more illegal drugs into our communities.”

Here is Colby Cosh explaining why Mr. Trudeau’s approach doesn’t go far enough. And here is Ken MacQueen explaining why it’s time to legalize marijuana.