This parliamentary year had 129 days

The House of Commons was in session for 129 days in 2012, which makes 2012 the second-most present year for the House since the Conservatives formed government in 2005 (the House sat for 130 days in 2009) and the third-most present year for the House this century (the House sat for 134 days in 2001).

Mind you, between 1968 and 1995, there were 19 years in which the House sat for more than 129 days.

Here are the average sitting days by decade.

1970s. 142.7 (three elections)
1980s. 153.2 (three elections)
1990s. 119.6 (two elections)
2000s. 111.1 (four elections)
2010s. 115.3 (one election)

The calendar for 2013 currently includes 133 sitting days.