Tom Mulcair to release full NDP policy platform today

Who's where on the campaign trail today

    OTTAWA — Tom Mulcair will kick off the home stretch of his election campaign with a bang today by launching the NDP’s full policy platform.

    While much of it will not be new, the New Democrats hope the platform will provide their campaign with much-needed momentum to propel them to victory on Oct. 19.

    Mulcair gave indications Thursday that the platform will clearly show the differences between his party and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

    But it will also reveal the similarities between the Grits and NDP as they try to convince voters which party is the best alternative to Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.

    Mulcair will unveil the platform in Montreal where the NDP hopes to build on their election successes in 2011.

    The Harper campaign continues to try to drum up votes on the west coast with a campaign event in Richmond, where the ridings in and around Vancouver are thought to be hotly contested with chances for all three parties in some races.

    Stephen Harper starts the day at MTTM Auto Group with some remarks.

    The Conservative Party is also expected to release its full platform, though details of how that will be done haven’t been revealed.

    Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau begins a two-day northern swing Friday with a stop in Yellowknife to bolster the chances of local candidate Michael McLeod, a former territorial member of the legislature and mayor of Fort Providence.

    Trudeau’s emphasis on infrastructure spending may play well in the riding of Western Arctic, now held by New Democrat Dennis Bevington, where high-cost diesel power generation and the lack of roads are perennial issues.

    Trudeau then heads east to Nunavut. Liberal Hunter Tooto is taking on Conservative incumbent Leona Aglukkaq and Jack Anawak, a one-time Liberal MP now running for the New Democrats. The cost of food and the unpopularity of the Conservative plan to subsidize shipping grocery costs have made the race competitive.

    The compass also points north for Green Party leader Elizabeth May, who is spending the day campaigning in Thunder Bay, Ont.

    Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe will take his campaign to eastern Quebec.