Tonight in Guergis

Ms. Guergis says Mr. Jaffer didn’t use her office for personal business. The Liberals allege Mr. Jaffer may have violated the Lobbying Act. Ms. Guergis says Mr. Jaffer isn’t a lobbyist. Mr. Jaffer’s business partner says the business is in shambles. Sources tell CBC that police mistakes led to Mr. Jaffer’s plea deal. And now there is this from CTV.

The mysterious third party who uncovered serious allegations that led Prime Minister Stephen Harper to toss MP Helena Guergis out of caucus is a private investigator, CTV News has learned.

Police sources say the licensed private eye contacted a Conservative Party lawyer in Toronto, and expressed concern about a potential threat of blackmail arising from allegations about the purchase and use of drugs. It has not been confirmed who may have purchased or used the drugs in question, or who may have been prone to blackmail.

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