Tony Clement needs you (III)

Still no responses to my call for economists, statisticians, city planners and the like to step forward with a defence of the Industry Minister’s census changes. So let’s open it up a bit: is anyone from a conservative-minded organization or advocacy group willing to step forward and defend this decision as sound and just?* I welcome any and all submissions (

In the meantime, add former clerk of the Privy Council Alex Himelfarb, pollster Frank Graves, the chief economist of the Greater Halifax Partnership, the French Language Services Commissioner of Ontario, the executive director of the Société franco-manitobaine, the editorial board of the Halifax Chronicle-Herald and provincial officials in Quebec, BC and PEI to the listen of complainants.

*This post originally, and innocently, named a few potential examples of organizations that might comment. One—the Institute for Liberal Studies, which is actually directed by a guy I knew in high school—has noted that its educational and charitable status actually precludes it from commenting. Apologies for any confusion that could have resulted from my mentioning them here. I’ve also deleted all names so as not to otherwise make it seem like any sort of specific challenge. As you were.