Tony Clement needs you -

Tony Clement needs you


To defend its position on the census, and respond to the former chief statistician at Statistics Canada, the government put up Dean Del Mastro on CBC’s The Current this morning. Mr. Del Mastro claims to have taken a “number” of statistics courses in his life. Make of his effort what you will.

Mind you, with all the respect Mr. Del Mastro’s expertise in this regard is obviously due, things do not appear to be going well for the government side so far in this debate and it would perhaps be helpful to Tony Clement’s cause if a professional statistician, economist, social scientist or city planner would step forward to express support for the government’s decision. So consider this a call to all. If you toil in any of those aforementioned fields—or have any other kind of professional interest in the census—and are supportive of the government’s position, please drop me a note at

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