Towards a more boring future -

Towards a more boring future


Glen Pearson calls for a less-entertaining politics.

Question Period in this town is a theatre of the absurd for the last few years now; everyone knows it and attempt to laugh it off. To even consider acting in such a fashion when pensioners are losing their way, food banks are facing record numbers, and those without jobs are giving up in despair is hardly the actions you would expect of pubic servants. In hard times, humour is always a welcome diversion. But not this kind, and not this way. The last thing we need right now is political tomfoolery disguising itself as compassion. South of the border this week, 37% of Americans voted, while 66% participated in Hallowe’en. That’s scary in any political scenario and there’s nothing funny about it.  It’s time to get back to decent, respectful and boring politics.