Trudeau says he won't pick fight with Trump

Prime Minister says he'll work with whomever wins the White House in November.

Trudeau on Trump at the Maclean’s town hall, December 2015

TORONTO — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the United States should have a conversation about campaign financing once the “dust settles” on the presidential election.

U.S. presidential candidates raise billions in financing and court special interests, something Trudeau says Canada does not allow.

In response to questions about Donald Trump during a town hall meeting with the Huffington Post, Trudeau says many Americans are angry with their politics.

Trudeau was pushed repeatedly to denounce the controversial Republican candidate, and was reminded about controversial statements the billionaire has made about Muslims and Mexicans, among other things.

For the most part, Trudeau refused to be drawn in, saying he doesn’t want to pick a fight with Trump and would work with whomever wins the White House in November.

Trudeau, who is headed to the White House for a gala state dinner hosted by U.S. President Barack Obama this week, says he will be watching the presidential race closely.